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Directly from Switzerland in 3-7 days to CH + many EU-states

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75 years of Lindor

About us and in the news

The Swiss Chocolate World - and how it all began

If we're honest - even as children we loved chocolate more than anything! And of course Swiss chocolate!

Swiss chocolate is a phenomenon. No matter where we Swiss go in the world - we are always asked if we have chocolate with us. Along with mountains and watches, it is probably our most popular ambassador.

Why did our grandfathers all over the world say when they were children: “Swiss Chocolate is the best!”?

This question never left us and so we delved deeper and deeper into the fascinating story - a story that reached its absolute climax more than 100 years ago. We don't want to withhold what we have found from you - take a look at our page Chocolate Capital pure.

We still have a lot planned for the Swiss Chocolate World. A complete world of experiences around Swiss chocolate is to be created around the globe. Here we want to give you the opportunity to buy real Swiss chocolate, from the most famous brands to, with our Shop The most creative manufacturers that you probably can't buy around the corner can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home on the sofa.

Because your grandfather - he was right...

We source most of our chocolate directly from the manufacturers, and for some we are even the exclusive export partner. Sending food smoothly around the world is more regulatory than expected - but we have now overcome the hurdles, at least for the EU. And so we are pretty quick with delivery times of 3-7 days to selected EU countries - and even duty-free, which our customers really appreciate.

By the way, even for most Swiss people, the history of our chocolate pioneers is quite unknown and so there were a few requests for interviews, which you are welcome to read about below.

And now, have fun on our pages.

Sincerely, your Swiss Chocolate World GmbH

In the media - current news

we in the media

March 23, 2023


August 6, 2021 Gstaad Life

interview in gstaad life about swiss chocolate world and chocolate museum bern

July 29, 2021 Radio Rabe - Interview

interview swiss chocolate world museum bern on radio rabe

March 10, 2021 Der Bund

interview in der bund about swiss chocolate museum bern

April 25, 2019 20 Minuten

 article in 20min about swiss chocolate world

April 23, 2019 BärnerBär

article in the Bärenbär about Swiss Chocolate World Museum Bern

Real Swiss chocolate

With us you only get chocolates that were actually made in Switzerland - we obtain most chocolates directly from the manufacturer - with some we are even the exclusive export partner

Duty-free delivery throughout the EU

Within the EU (and of course also in Switzerland and Liechtenstein) all our prices include VAT and customs duties. Your shipment will therefore be delivered duty paid, no matter how much you order. If you would like to deliver to a country that is not listed at checkout, please write us a mail

social commitment

We are against food waste and are socially committed. In the category "1 €- chocolates against food waste" you can save chocolate yourself shortly before the best-before date! We give away chocolates that we can no longer sell to homeless shelters in Switzerland - as you can see on Insta below, we were out and about in Zurich before Christmas