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Swiss Chocolate Brands

Swiss Chocolate Brands (not exhaustive)


Aeschbach is not only famous for its Schoggitaler.



Alprose Chocolate from Ticino, founded in 1957 under the name Titlis, produces for many other manufacturers and well-known names.




Ammann - Have you ever enjoyed one of these sweet Kings from Chocolat Ammann with your café? It is a perfect match.



Barry Callebaut Callebaut was founded in Belgium in 1850. In 1996, they merged with the French company Cacao Barry, headquartered in Zurich, after which they took over the Swiss chocolate company Carma AG in 1999. Today, the Barry Callebaut Group is one of the largest chocolate producers in the world. The main shareholder is the Zurich based Jacobs Holding AG (Jacobs coffee). Between 1982-1990, Chocolat Tobler and Suchard were also under the company umbrella. 


Unfortunately, the Chocolaterie du Ballenberg at the entrance to the Ballenberg open-air museum, with its live production on a conche that is over 100 years old, no longer exists - but the Schatts inspire under their label with real craftsmanship, a lot of creativity and a wonderful sense of taste also with their Nougat de Montélimar or their Rubi Rubina. PS-Chocolate is now based in Wettingen.



Stella - Bernrain Founded in 1928, the Stella company launched the first sugar-free chocolate in Switzerland in 1960. In 1980 they merged with Chocolat Bernrain and in 1991 one of the first fair trade chocolates was presented.



At the Blüemlisberg, at 1200m above Schwyz and Lake Lucerne, everything revolves around goats and everything you can do with their healthy milk - beauty products, dairy products, cheese, ice cream and of course chocolate, the quality of which even top chefs are impressed by - and that in a sustainable excursion paradise.



Cailler started chocolate production shortly after it was founded in 1819, making it the oldest industrial chocolate brand in Switzerland.



The most famous product of Camille Bloch, the Ragusa, owes its name to the old place name of Dubrovnik. 



Casa Nobile from Bätterkinden was founded by Willi Schmutz and Martin Schwarz and impressively demonstrates its enormous creativity on a daily basis. Whether combined with hard cheese, potatoes or asparagus, the passion and finesse with which the young company inspires is simply incredible. They have received international awards and anyone who has not yet tried their culinary delights should urgently do so. 



Dieter Meier: the world famous musician of the band Yello has developed a new production process for chocolate using cold extraction and sells it under its own label Oro de Cacao.


Favarger Since 1826 one of the oldest Swiss chocolate manufacturers from Geneva.



Felchlin Having started trading honey in 1908, the Schwyz company started producing pralinées in 1937. From 1980, they started and grew their their exports towards the USA and Japan. In 2004, the company received a gold medal for the best chocolate in the world and are currently supplying confectioneries and patisseries with semi-finished products and couvertures in over 40 countries.



Chocolat Frey, founded in 1887 in Aarau by the Frey brothers, was taken over by Migros in 1950, making it the first company ever to have been acquired by the Migros Supermarket Group. 



Heidi, a very famous girl from the Grisons Mountains, lend her name to this natural and sustainable chocolate, produced in Lucerne.



Kägi fret was founded in 1934 by Otto Kägi. Although their waffles with chocolate coating have been around since 1952, but it was not until 1958 that the popular snack from the Toggenburg area were called Kägi fret. 



Invented in Berne, matured into a global brand in Zurich, these are the products of the Maître Chocolatiers from Lindt.



LaFlor from Zurich doesn't just produce chocolate. LaFlor transforms the natural flavors of the cocoa beans, which are processed entirely by hand on extremely sustainably produced plantations in South America, into wonderful chocolate dreams. Not only star chefs are enthusiastic about it.



Maestrani, founded in the Italian part of Switzerland in 1852, relocated to Lucerne and then to St.Gallen as early as 1859. The very popular products of Munz and Minor are also part of the company.



Nestlé must of course not be missing. Their story goes back to 1867, when Henry Nestlé from Vevey presented his baby flour. Many years later, they became one of the largest food manufacturers in the world. Around 1930, Nestlé was probably the first company to bring white chocolate onto the market - a precursor of the Galak. 



Swiss Dream`s delicious Schöggeli with Swiss motives have been coming from the watch town of Le Locle since 1992.



Swissone is amongst the youngest Swiss chocolate brand delights us with its original chocolate taste in different variants.



Taucherli from Zurich surprises with an upbeat appearance. Behind this is a philosophy that is completely dedicated to the bean-to-bar process and sustainability. The dedication with which these chocolates are made can be tasted in every bite. Also the Academy of Chocolate, the world's most important prize in the industry, because Taucherli has been awarded gold, silver and bronze several times.



The queen of chocolates from Berne is still conquering the world - the Toblerone.



Villars originates from Villars-sur-Glâne, Canton of Friborg. However, the founder was a certain Wilhelm Kaiser from Berne.



Maybe Albert Einstein was already asked by his wife: "Did you get your Ovaltine today?" It is produced by the company Wander AG.


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