Switzerland is chocolate country with many famous but also internationally quiet unknown brands! Just as we want to go to a whiskey distillery in Scotland or Ireland, visiting a chocolate adventure park or museum is now a must for locals and tourists alike. Swiss Made at its best. A wide selection of Swiss Chocolate Brands we have listed and presented at our Shopify-Site. Have fun!

Aeschbach chocolate experience in Root

Aeschbach in Root near Lucerne is actually unknown. But everyone in Switzerland knows the Schoggitaler. Aeschbach has specialized in chocolate promotional material and does it excellently. The park smells wonderfully of chocolate, you learn a lot about cocoa and you can put together your own chocolate.

The visitor center is lovingly made and you get a good overview of what Aeschbach can also produce in small quantities.

Unfortunately, everything is only written in German. At least there is a small English-language video next to it. Lucerne can be easily reached by train in 15 minutes.



Maestrani`s Chocolarium in Flawil

If ever you should be asked by your child or grandchild: "Hey, how does happiness actually get into chocolate?" Then pack up all your family and friends and head over to Flawil at the Chocolarium of Maestrani. And this year it's worth visiting several times, because the manufacturer of the popular Munz and Minor also celebrates its 170th anniversary with young poster artists from the St. Gallen School of Design.


Maison Cailler in Broc

If you want to know where chocolate comes from, why it became so delicious and want to know the whole story about the Aztecs and the Spanish and French royal families and why it finally became so popular in Switzerland - Maison Cailler is your perfect match. Like a good teacher at school educational mission fully accomplished.

Feel and touch the ingredients, listen to interviews with local dairy farmers, taste the large Cailler selection - and end up in a shopping paradise.

The tours are held in different languages, although you still get an audio guide.

That Maison Cailler is located in Broc next to Gruyère – a lovely medieval town famous for its cheese. So if you want to combine cheese and chocolate - a worthwhile day trip.


Chez Camille Bloch in Courtelary

When you buy a ticket, you get a Schöggeli – it makes your heart smile! Very friendly staff!

First the company history is told - how it all began in Berne. Everything lovingly museum. In 3 languages to read and linger for yourself. As sales began, then marketing with commercials. Now it's time for production - first from where which ingredients come, then live production from Ragusa and Torino with tasting. Then again films and touchscreens for transport, social media... At the end shop and restaurant.

Just a nice place for a family outing to Courtelary in the beautiful Swiss Jura. Absolutely worth seeing.


Lindt - Home of Chocolate - Kilchberg near Zurich

Since September 13th, 2020 you can visit Lindt-Home of Chocolate at their headquarters in Kilchberg near Zurich. An enormous variety of the history of cocoa and chocolate, especially Swiss chocolate, characterizes this ultra-modern adventure park. It is really worth seeing and if you take the time, you can easily spend 2 hours here without shopping. Not only the more than 9m high chocolate fountain impresses - treat yourself to the auditorium, the cafeteria or the great shopping - a new excursion destination on Lake Zurich for the whole family. Very friendly staff!