Some more Swiss Chocolate Factories in alphabetical order – not complete

Aeschbach is famous for their chocolate money

Alprose Founded in 1957 under the name Titlis in the canton of Ticino Alprose produces for many other companies and brands

Bernrain - Stella Stella was founded in 1928 and in the year of 1960 the company launched the very first sugar free chocolate. In 1980 they merged with Chocolat Bernrain and in 1991 they presented one of the first fair trade chocolates

Barry Callebaut Callebaut was established in Belgium in 1850. In 1996 Callebaut merged with the French company Cacao Barry which had its head quarter in Zurich. Barry Callebaut took over the Swiss Chocolate Company Carma in 1999. The group is listed to be one of the world leading chocolate producers. Main shareholder is the Jacobs Holding in Zurich. In the years 1982-1990 Jacobs (Coffee) was the owner of Chocolat Tobler (Toblerone) and Suchard (Milka)

Cailler The oldest Swiss Chocolate factory is called Cailler and it was established 1819. Since 1929 it belongs to Nestlé


Dieter Meier Temporary music lovers all over the world know Yello. One of the two guys is Dieter Meier. Dieter has invented a new production type of cold-extraction. His exclusive chocolate is sold under the label Dieter Meier

Favarger Since 1826 one of the oldest Swiss Chocolate manufacturers from Geneva

Felchlin delivers chocolate products for confectionary brands in more than 40 countries. The company from Schwyz started with trading of honey in 1908 and started to produce pralines in 1937. By 2004 Felchlin got the gold medal for the best chocolate of the world.

Frey Founded 1887 in Aarau every Swiss knows Frey as the chocolate from the Migros supermarkets- but it is also sold in 40 other countries

Kägi fret 1934 established by Otto Kägi the company produces waffles covered with chocolate since 1952 and under the name Kägi fret since 1958

Läderach is known in many countries for their shops with fresh chocolate

Maestrani was founded in 1852 in the canton of Ticino but moved to St.Gallen by 1859. Munz and Minor are products of the Maestrani Group

Sprüngli in Zürich Established 1836 by David Sprüngli in Zurich as a confectioner`s Sprüngli started producing chocolate by 1845. By the year 1892 the company was devided among the two sons. David Robert got the confectioner`s and keeps the name Sprüngli, Johann Rudolf got the chocolate business. 1899 Johann Rudolf took over the small chocolate company from Rodolphe Lindt – This was the start of worldfamous Lindt&Sprüngli at lake Zurich.

Villars Villars is from Villars-sur-Glâne, canton of Fribourg. But the founder was Wilhelm Kaiser from Berne