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Great. You are loving Swiss Chocolate as we do.

Chocolate is much more than just a sweet. Chocolate is emotion – pure. You are loving it as a baby until the end of your life – If it is Swiss Chocolate maybe even longer…

The SwissChocolateWorld is going to be a private organized museum that will visualize the incredible history of Swiss Chocolate. Modern but cosy, very emotional, fun and with the historical background you need for your next small talk or social media contribution.
We call it Culturefun. Within around 45 minutes you will see almost everything, getting smarter, taste gorgeous Swiss Chocolate and finish with that big nice happy smile. At the end, feel free to empty our shop...

Actually due to the Corona Virus the opening is planned for late 2020 in a former cinema at the old part of Berne, Switzerland - the Capital of Chocolate

Stay tuned